Authorised form of nameJustel; Henry (1620 - ? 1693); librarian
Other forms of nameHenri de
Other forms of surnameJustell
Dates1620 - ? 1693
Place of birthParis, France, Europe
Date of birth1620
Date of death24 September 1693
Dates and placesBurial:
Eton, Berkshire, England, Europe
Oxford; DCL (by diploma 1675)
Secretary and Counsellor to Louis XIV; sent three rare manuscripts to Oxford University (1675); knowing that the Edict of Nantes would soon be revoked, he sold his considerable library and took refuge in England (1681); naturalised British (1687); Keeper of the King's Library to Charles II and James II
Membership categoryFellow
Date of election07/12/1681
ProposerSir Christopher Wren
Other Royal Society activityEven prior to his election, frequent correspondent to the Society, especially Henry Oldenburg, on variety of foreign matters (1660s onwards);
Had a paper on a French engine published in the 'Philosophical Transactions' (1685)
RelationshipsParents: Christophe Justel and Olympe Lorme
Married: cousin Charlotte de Lorme
Children: Henry Justel
General contextThrough his father's high standing and office as secretary to French King Henri IV, Justel inherited the office and was introduced into high Huguenot society. When in London, John Evelyn (FRS 1663) was counted amongst his friends and his correspondence is regarded as evidence of his zeal to promote the works of intellectuals of the time.
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Bulloch's Roll; DNB; Hunter; Foster; Shaw LD; Agnew
Greenwood, M. 1938. 'The First Life Table', in Notes and Records, vol. 1, pp. 70-72
Virtual International Authority File
Royal Society codeNA6104
Archives associated with this Fellow
Reference numberTitleDate
EL/I1/40Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg4 April 1668
IM/002470Justel, Henrynd
EL/W1/125Catalogue of the manuscripts of Peter Blois which are located in Englandnd
EL/I1/54Copies of letters from Henry Justel nd
EL/I1/136Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/47Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg31 August 1668
EL/I1/149Letter from Henry Justelnd
EL/I1/143Letter from Henry Justelnd
EL/I1/147Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/135Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1690
EL/I1/102Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/69Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg23 September 1673
EL/I1/113Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/108Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/95Extract of a letter from Henry Justel about a swarm of grasshoppers seen in Aramont in Languedoc near Avignon 1686
EL/I1/87Letter from Henry Justel, dated at Paris12 May 1688
EL/I1/148Letter from Henry Justelnd
EL/I1/117Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/123Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/44Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg15 August 1668
EL/I1/92Letter from Henry Justel 1685
EL/I1/115Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/51Partial translation of a letter from Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1667
EL/I1/120Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/53Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg9 October 1668
EL/I1/91Letter from Henry Justel concerning a machine which consumes smoke1685
LBO/1/95Copy extract of a letter from Henry Justel, Paris, to Henry Oldenburg8 July 1665
LBO/2/101Copy extract from a letter from Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
LBO/7/101Copy extract of a letter form Henry Justel, Paris, to Henry Oldenburg27 February 1675
EL/I1/126Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/109Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
CLP/7i/41Paper, regarding reflections on [Isaak] Vossius's theory of longitude by Henry Justel1688
EL/I1/98Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/138Letter from Henry Justel 1692
EL/I1/145Letter from Henry Justelnd
EL/I1/119Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/127Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/146Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/116Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/76Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg28 August 1675
EL/I1/55Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg13 October 1668
CLP/3i/65Paper, 'An account of an engine that consumes smoak [smoke] shown lately at St Germains faire in Paris' by Justell [Henry Justel]10 March 1685
EL/I1/139Henry Justel to Richard Waller23 July 1693
EL/I1/132Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/26Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg2 May 1668
EL/I1/97Letter from Henry Justel1696
EL/I1/121Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/36Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg11 July 1668
EL/I1/23Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg28 March 1668
EL/I1/88Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
EL/I1/64Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg19 December 1668
EL/I1/134Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1689
EL/I1/46Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg25 August 1668
EL/I1/41Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg14 July 1668
EL/I1/31Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg23 May 1668
EL/I1/112Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/128Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/105Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/3Extract of a letter to Henry Justel communicated by Henry Oldenburg28 July 1665
EL/I1/96Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/111Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/144Letter from Henry Justelnd
EL/I1/100Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/93Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1685
EL/I1/131Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/20Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg25 February 1668
EL/I1/17Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg18 February 1668
EL/I1/118Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/141Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/49Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg26 September 1668
EL/I1/78Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg10 September 1675
EL/I1/37Henry Justel to Henry OldenburgJuly 1668
EL/I1/57Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg2 November 1668
EL/I1/133Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/89Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/65Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg20 February 1669
EL/I1/67Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg12 February 1670
EL/I1/137Henry Justel to Robert Southwell1692
EL/I1/94Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1685
EL/I1/10Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg16 November 1667
EL/I1/28Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg9 May 1668
EL/I1/122Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/83Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg29 March 1677
EL/I1/74Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg22 August 1675
EL/I1/52Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg3 October 1668
EL/I1/142Henry Justel to Robert Southwell13 May 1693
EL/I1/19Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg29 February 1668
EL/I1/6Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg13 October 1666
EL/I1/13Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg8 February 1668
EL/I1/22Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg10 March 1668
EL/A/8Letter, from Adrian Auzout to Henry Justel, dated at Paris27 January 1666
EL/I1/82Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg24 June 1676
EL/I1/86Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburgnd
EL/I1/104Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/29Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg12 May 1668
EL/I1/68Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg17 May 1670
EL/I1/24Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
EL/I1/70Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg26 September 1673
EL/I1/63Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg15 December 1668
EL/I1/60Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
EL/I1/106Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/34Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg6 June 1668
EL/I1/12Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg3 February 1668
EL/I1/80Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg13 November 1675
EL/I1/101Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/110Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/130Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/18Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg25 February 1668
EL/I1/21Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg21 March 1668
EL/I1/77Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg7 September 1675
EL/I1/7Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg7 January 1667
EL/I1/39Henry Juste, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg20 July 1668
EL/I1/81Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg22 August 1676
EL/I1/107Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/56Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg24 October 1668
EL/I1/35Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg19 June 1668
EL/I1/27Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg5 May 1668
EL/I1/4Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg24 March 1666
EL/I1/48Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
EL/I1/103Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/125Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/61Henry Justel to Henry OldenburgNovember 1668
EL/I1/33Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburgnd
EL/I1/11Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg4 January 1668
EL/I1/30Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg19 May 1668
EL/I1/32Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg30 May 1668
EL/I1/38Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg25 July 1668
EL/I1/59Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg14 November 1668
EL/I1/5Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg26 May 1666
EL/I1/42Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1668
EL/I1/85Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg28 July 1677
EL/I1/45Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg22 August 1668
EL/I1/71Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg4 October 1673
EL/I1/129Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/99Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/79Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg14 September 1675
EL/I1/62Henry Justel to Henry OldenburgDecember 1668
EL/I1/25Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg18 April 1668
EL/I1/8Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg30 May 1667
EL/I1/16Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg22 February 1668
EL/I1/72Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg27 February 1675
EL/I1/58Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg3 November 1668
EL/I1/75Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg6 March 1675
EL/I1/14Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg15 February 1668
EL/I1/9Henry Justel, dated at Paris, to Henry Oldenburg5 October 1667
EL/I1/66Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg23 February 1669
EL/I1/50Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg1667
EL/I1/73Henry Justel to Henry Oldenburg16 May 1674
EL/N1/73Casper Neumann, dated at Breslau, to Henry Justel 9 December 1692
EL/I1/43Henry Justel to Henry OldenburgJuly 1668
RBO/6/98'An Account of an Engine that consumes Smoak [smoke], shewn lately at St Germains Faire in paris' by Henry Justel11 March 1686
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