Authorised form of nameWatson; Sir; William (1715 - 1787)
Dates1715 - 1787
Place of birthSt John's Street, near Smithfield, London, England
Date of birth03 April 1715
Place of deathLondon
Date of death10 May 1787
Research fieldChemistry
Membership categoryFellow
Date of election09/04/1741
Royal Society activityRoyal Society roles:
VP 1774-1776, 1782-1787
Medals and prizes:
Copley Medal 1745
Bulloch's Roll; DNB;DSB
R V Jones, 'Through Music to the Stars. William Herschel, 1738-1822' in NR 1978-9 vol 33 pp 37-56
Virtual International Authority File
Royal Society codeNA7588
Archives associated with this Fellow
Reference numberTitleDate
L&P/1/416Letter, 'Electrical experiments' from William Watson to the Royal Society1745
AB/1/2/1/132Letter to James West from William Watson15 October 1768
L&P/3/346Paper, 'Of the poisonous effects of hemlock dropwort (Oenanthe)' by William Watson1758
L&P/1/347Letter, 'Of a calculus' from William Watson to Francis Wollaston1745
MM/4/84Letter from Henry Cavendish, William Watson, Benjamin Franklin and J Robertson, to the Royal Society18 November 1773
MM/11/41Notes from the minutes of meetings of the Purfleet Magazine Committee1772
IM/004816Watson, Sir Williamnd
L&P/2/547Letter, 'On platina' from J Brownrigg to William Watson4 December 1754
L&P/1/410Letter, 'Further observations concerning electricity' from William Watson to the Royal Society4 July 1745
L&P/8/122/1Letter, 'Of diving' from Anthony Forthergill to William Watson12 November 1784
L&P/3/329Letter, 'Of a contivance for the easy reading of languages' from Peter Lanthoine to William Watson13 June 1758
L&P/2/242Letter, 'An account of the cinnamon tree' from William Watson to the Royal Society21 November 1751
L&P/7/49Paper, 'An account of the blue shark' by William Watson1778
MS/391/158Power of deputy, issued by Sir John Pringle, President of the Royal Society, to William Watson30 December 1773
L&P/4/315Letter, 'Of the poisoning of a family by eating roots mistaken for parsnips' from J Wilmer to William Watson4 April 1766
L&P/1/378Letter, 'Electrical experiments' from William Watson to Martin Folkes27 March 1745
L&P/5/135Letter, 'Of an oil sent from North Carolina by George Brownrigg' from William Watson to the Royal Society1769
L&P/2/268Letter, 'Of phenomena of electricty in vacuo' by William Watson1752
L&P/1/480Paper, 'A sequel to experiments and observations tending to illustrate the nature & properties of electricity' by William Watson1746
L&P/2/222Letter, 'Account of the Bishop of London's garden at Fulham, originally planted by Dr Henry Compton' from William Watson to the Royal Society27 June 1751
L&P/2/2Paper, 'The effects of small-pox on the foetus in utero' by William Watson1749
L&P/2/300Paper, 'On corals' by William Watson1752
L&P/2/14Paper, 'On Benjamin Franklin's electrical experiments' by William Watson1749
L&P/2/221Paper, 'The liquefaction of the blood of Januarius exactly imitated by a chemical preparation in a phial in half an hour; this was placed in front of the P.R.S [President of the Royal Society] at the meeting in a cool room' by William Watson1751
L&P/1/472Letter, 'On the production of salts' from Richard Brocklesby to William Watson1746
L&P/2/35Letter, 'Concerning electricity' from Louis Elizabeth de la Vergne, Count of Tresson to William Watson1749
L&P/1/384Letter, 'Of firing alcohol by electricity' from William Watson to the Royal Society25 April 1745
L&P/2/569Paper, 'Of the syptic agaric' by William Watson 1 February 1755
L&P/3/328Letter, 'Of an abdominal tumour' from John Huxham to William Watson26 March 1758
L&P/7/49/2Plate, 'Blue shark with scale' by William Watson1778
L&P/2/284Paper, 'Of amphyllon and Denataria heptaphylla' by William Watson1752
L&P/2/553Paper, 'Effects of lightning at Plymouth' from John Huxham to William Watson1754
L&P/2/430Paper, 'Thermometric observations at Solekamsky [Solikamsk] by Gregorii Demidoff' by W. Watson' 1753
L&P/2/465Paper, 'Remarks on W. Watson's account of Nollet's letters concerning electricity' by Thomas Birch1753
L&P/3/366Letter, 'A monstrous lamb without a mouth' from John Hawkeens to William Watson10 March 1759
L&P/2/313Letter, 'Concerning vegetable balls from a lake' from William Dixon to William Watson1 June 1752
L&P/4/21Letter, 'Of dislocations' from John Huxham to William Watson11 May 1760
L&P/3/23Letter, 'Of the causes of capillarity' from Etienne Francois Dutour to William Watson21 January 1755
L&P/2/177Letter, 'Of 113 plants in a hortus siccus made in the Caribbee islands' from William Watson to the Royal Society15 November 1750
L&P/2/419Paper, 'An account of Balthasar Sprenger's book 'Opuscula psysico-mathematica'' by William Watson1753
L&P/3/163Paper, 'Report of ashes from a haystack - a kind of potash' by William Watson14 March 1756
L&P/3/202Letter, 'A case of leprosy from birth' from William Oliver to William Watson16 November 1756
L&P/2/510Paper, 'Of the sex of holly; with a note from W. Watson in confirmation' by John Martyn26 July 1754
L&P/2/554Letter, 'Of de Mairan's book' from William Brownrigg to William Watson3 January 1755
L&P/2/532Letter, 'Effects of electrical treatment in Shrewsbury hospital' from Cheney Hart to William Watson5 November 1754
L&P/5/173Letter, 'Of the manna tree and the tarantula' from Domenico Cirillo to William Watson7 February 1770
L&P/2/579Letter, 'Some account of an extraordinary crop of barley at Saragosain Spain' from William Watson to the Royal Society13 February 1755
L&P/3/316Letter, 'Of mines and minerals' from Nicolas de Himsel to William Watson20 September 1757
L&P/3/16Letter, 'On the power of pointed bodies in electricity' from Etienne Francois Dutour to William Watson10 September 1754
L&P/4/409Letter, 'Of Pompey's pillar in Egypt' from Edward Wortley Montagu to William Watson10 October 1767
L&P/5/44Letter, 'Of Mr Miller's experiments on sowing wheat' from William Watson to the Royal Society4 October 1768
L&P/4/106Letter, 'Three surgical cases' from John Huxham to William Watson5 February 1762
L&P/4/383Letter, 'Of the heat of Bath-waters' from John Howard to William Watson1767
L&P/4/307Letter, 'A remarkable emphysema' from John Huxham to William Watson1766
L&P/4/326Letter, 'The poisonous root named no. 315 not Cicuta but Hyoscyamus niger' from J Wilmer to William Watson11 March 1766
L&P/5/82Letter, 'A high tide and bore on 21 January' from John Huxham to William Watson1769
L&P/5/83Letter, 'Of a death from lightning' from J Hinchcliffe to William Watson18 August 1768
L&P/5/72Letter, 'On trees supposed to be indigenous to Great Britain (Oak, chestnut)' from Daines Barrington to William Watson2 January 1769
L&P/5/224Letter, 'On chestnut trees' from Andrew Coltee Ducarel to William Watson25 January 1771
L&P/6/45Letter, 'Of the death of certain lime trees' from Daines Barrington to William Watson25 December 1773
L&P/7/49/1Paper, 'An account of the blue shark' by William Watson1778
L&P/8/132Letter, 'Cases treated by electricity' from J Lane to William Watson4 January 1785
L&P/7/252Letter, 'Of William Herschel's lenses' from William Watson to unknown recipient26 March 1782
L&P/7/71Letter, 'Explosion at Mr Grave's house near Tralee, County Kerry' from Thomas Ryves to William Watson21 November 1778
L&P/8/122/2Letter, 'Of diving' from Anthony Fothergill to William Watson12 November 1784
L&P/2/207Paper, 'On the plant (used in no. 206) being really hyocyanus niger' by William Watson1751
L&P/1/326Letter, 'Report on Mr Lowndes salt' from William Watson to the Royal Society6 December 1744
L&P/2/107Letter, 'Further experiments of the platina' from William Brownrigg to William Watson13 February 1750
L&P/1/288Paper, 'Dutch soldiers poisoned by boil'd Hemlock' by William Watson9 May 1744
L&P/1/294Letter, 'Observations on mushrooms' from William Watson to the Royal Society2 May 1744
L&P/2/335Letter, 'Of extracting electricity from the atmosphere' from Jean Antoine Nollet to William Watson22 July 1752
L&P/3/287Letter, 'Of the effects of the hot weather in July 1757' from John Huxham to William Watson28 January 1758
P/0139Portrait of Watson, Sir William
L&P/1/337Paper, 'Of a undescribed kind of fungus-geaster' by William Watson1744
L&P/2/442Paper, 'An account of Philip Friedrich Gmelin's book 'Flora Sibirica'' by William Watson1753
L&P/2/534Letter, 'Of a large calculus found in a mare' from William Watson to Charles Gray26 July 1754
L&P/3/141Letter, 'A paralytic arm cured by electricity' from Cheney Hart to William Watson20 March 1756
L&P/4/309Letter, 'A journey from Cairo to the written mountains' from Edward Wortley Montagu to William Watson1766
L&P/1/76Letter, 'Some observations on Mr Sutton's invention to extract the foul air from the well and other parts of ships' from William Watson to Martin Folkes4 December 1741
L&P/7/236/2Plate, 'Lamp-micrometer' by W Watson1782
L&P/2/307Letter, 'Of electricity from the clouds, anent the experiments of Franklin' from Jean Antoine Nollet to William Watson6 June 1752
L&P/4/410Letter, 'Meteorological observations at Plymouth and of intense cold there during the winter' from William Watson and John Huxham1767
L&P/3/270Letter, 'Of the efficiency of the Bark in a mortification' from Richard Grindall to William Watson7 December 1757
L&P/3/102Letter, 'Of the case of a man who died after swallowing molten lead at the Eddystone fire' from John Huxham to William Watson31 January 1756
EC/1741/02Watson, Sir William: certificate of election to the Royal Society9 April 1741
L&P/2/212Paper, 'Account of Benjamin Franklin's book, Experiments and Observations on Electricity' by William Watson1751
AP/5/9Unpublished letter and paper, on medical electricity by John BirchJanuary 1787
AP/5/9/2Unpublished letter, on medical electricity from John Birch to Sir William WatsonJanuary 1787
AP/5/9/1Unpublished manuscript, on medical electricity by John BirchJanuary 1787
L&P/2/149Letter, 'Of ash-manna gathered near Naples' from Robert More to William Watson1750
L&P/2/341Letter, 'Of the electricity from clouds' from William Watson to the Royal Society20 December 1752
L&P/2/344Letter, 'On a successful inoculation at Salisbury' from Brown to William Watson1752
L&P/4/357Paper, 'Of three substances mentioned by Arabic physicians - tabasheer, maimaraan, mamithsa' from John Channing to William Watson24 October 1766
L&P/3/173Letter, 'The agitation of the sea at Antigua on Nov 1, as reported by Capt. Affleck R.N.' from Charles Gray to William Watson26 May 1756
L&P/4/226Letter, 'Of protection from lightning' from William Watson to George Parker26 June 1764
L&P/5/92Letter, 'Of a plant lately discovered in the Isle of Skye' from John Hope to William Watson10 April 1769
L&P/5/325Letter, 'On the early cultivation of botany in England, with some particulars of John Tradescant' from Andrew Coltee Ducarel to William Watson2 November 1772
L&P/2/197Paper, 'Of the sex of plants' by William Watson20 February 1751
L&P/2/538Paper, 'Determination of the species of agaric lately used as a syptic' by William Watson1754
L&P/5/106Paper, 'Report on preserving St Paul's Cathedral from the effects of lightning' by the Royal Society Committee7 June 1769
L&P/3/200Paper, 'Account of Gottlob Carl Springsfeld's Latin treatise sent to the Royal Society on dissolving calculi in the bladder; Carldbad water' by William Watson1756
L&P/2/218Paper, 'Criticism of Winkler's paper above [L&P/2/217]' by William Watson1751
L&P/1/159Paper, 'An account of Enumeratio methodica stirprum Helvetiae indigenarum by Albert Haller' by William Watson1742
L&P/3/55Letter, 'Agitation of waters at Devon and Cornwall on Nov 1' from John Huxham to William Watson23 November 1755
L&P/3/275Letter, 'Heat of the air in July 1757' from John Huxham to William Watson19 July 1757
L&P/4/35Letter, 'Translated extracts of a letter on the parallax of the Moon' from Nicolas Louis de La Caille to William Watson1760
L&P/4/137Letter, 'Of electricity in tetanus' from William Watson to the Royal Society9 February 1763
L&P/5/282Letter, 'On roots used by the Indians near Hudsons Bay to dye porcupine quilla' from Johann Reinhold Forster to William Watson10 January 1772
L&P/5/314Letter, 'Of the medical effects of a poisonous plant' from Richard Pulteney to William Watson12 March 1772
L&P/7/184Letter, 'Astronomical observations on the rotations of planets about their axes, in connection with the diurnal motion of the earth' from William Herschel to William Watson18 October 1780
L&P/1/229Letter, 'About Mr Pickering's paper on the seeds of mushrooms' from William Watson to the Royal Society17 November 1743
L&P/2/274Letter, 'Recueil des experiences faites a Venise sur la medicine electrique [List of experiences made in Venice on electric medicine] from Francisco Bianchini' to the Royal Society, by William Watson1752
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