Authorised form of nameRutty; William (1687 - 1730)
Dates1687 - 1730
Place of birthLondon, England
Date of birth1687
Date of death09 or 10 June 1730
OccupationAuthor, Medical
Merchant Taylors' School, London; Christ's College, Cambridge; MB (1712), MD (1719); Middle Temple (admitted 1709)
FRCP (1720)
Membership categoryFellow
Date of election30/06/1720
ProposerThomas Pellett
William Stukeley
Royal Society activityRoyal Society roles:
Sec 1727-1730; Council 1727-1729 ; Editor Phil. Trans.: 1727-1729
RelationshipsSon of Thomas Rutty, Mercer, of Lombard Street, London
Bulloch's Roll; DNB; Venn; MT; Munk's Roll
Hist Reg gives death date as 09 June, Munk gives 10 June
Virtual International Authority File
Royal Society codeNA518
Archives associated with this Fellow
Reference numberTitleDate
EL/D2/32Thomas Dereham, dated at Rome, to William Rutty10 April 1728
EL/B3/15Description of a time keeper by William Barlow16 May 1729
EL/N2/6Frank Nicholls to William Ruttynd
EL/D2/33Thomas Dereham, dated at Rome, to William Rutty9 October 1728
EL/B3/1Giacomo Bartolommeo Beccari to William Rutty1728
EL/D2/38Thomas Dereham to William Rutty5 November 1729
EL/D1/69William Derham to William Rutty15 February 1728
EL/D2/37Thomas Dereham, dated at Rome, to William Rutty27 August 1729
EL/W3/122John Woolhouse to William Ruttynd
EL/R2/11William Rutty to Cronhelm14 December 1728
EL/N2/10Frank Nicholls to William Rutty3 December 1728
EL/B3/6Giambattista Morgagni, dated at Padova, to William Rutty29 October 1728
EL/B2/118Eric Burman, dated at 8 October, to William Rutty8 October 1728
EL/A/57Letter, from Johann Wilhelm Alruz to William Rutty, dated at Harburg (Hanover)5 February 1729
RBO/14/16'An account of a Treatise entitled Calculations and Tables relating to the attractive virtue of Loadstones' by William Rutty1728
EL/S2/64Account of a Roman pavement discovered in the fields of Denton near Grantham, Lincolnshire, by William Stukeley5 March 1728
EL/C2/85Louis Coper, dated at Berlin, to William Rutty6 June 1731
EL/D2/50Peter Davall to William Rutty19 June 1728
EL/D2/39Thomas Dereham to William Rutty19 November 1729
EL/D2/35Thomas Dereham to William Rutty7 May 1729
EL/F2/17S Forster, dated at Newcastle, to William Rutty 26 April 1729
EL/T/79William Thinn, dated at Mansfield, to William Rutty6 April 1729
EL/R1/71John Rutty, dated at Dublin, to William Rutty21 March 1730
EL/G1/76Guido Grandus to William Rutty1728
EL/B3/12James Bradley, dated at Wanstead, to William Rutty9 April 1729
EL/B3/14William Barlow to William Rutty11 May 1729
EL/H4/27P Hardisway to William Rutty 10 December 1729
EL/W3/150Christian Wolff, dated at Marburg, to William Rutty26 May 1731
EL/W3/147Christian Wolff, dated at Marburg, to William Rutty7 November 1728
EL/I2/4John Jablonski, dated at Berlin, to William Rutty13 March 1728
EL/R2/22William Rutty, dated at London, to Thomas Dereham31 March 1729
EL/I2/9Johnson, dated at Spalding, to William Rutty24 April 1730
EL/W4/7Translation of a letter from Christian Wolff, dated at Marpurg, to William Rutty1731
CLP/12ii/39Paper, 'An account of an aneurism [aneurysm] dissected by Mr Edw [Edward] Nourse surgeon, with some observations thereupon' by W [William] Rutty[1728]
EL/B2/110Richard Beard to William RuttyDecember 1728
EL/R2/30William Rutty to Johann Alruz15 November 1729
EL/N2/9Frank Nicholls to William Ruttynd
EL/R2/5William Rutty to Signor Vallisnieri20 August 1728
EL/R2/15William Rutty to Reverend Bellamy25 January 1729
EL/R2/10William Rutty, dated at London, to Liebkneicht1728
EL/R2/31William Rutty, dated at London, to Thomas DerehamNovember 1729
EL/R2/13William Rutty to Abbe Molieres17 January 1728
EL/R2/18William Rutty, dated at London, to Dr Beard8 March 1728
EL/R2/8William Rutty to Professor Vater26 August 1728
EL/R2/6William Rutty, dated at London, to Eustachio Manfredi20 August 1728
EL/R2/17William Rutty, dated at London, to Mr Flynn8 March 1728
EL/R2/20William Rutty, dated at London, to M Triewald25 March 1729
EL/R2/14William Rutty to Mr Woolhouse20 January 1728
EL/V/56Antony Vallisneri, dated at Passau, to William Rutty20 May 1728
EL/S2/67Henry de Saumarez to William Rutty23 January 1729
EL/M2/81John Baptist Morgagni, dated at Passau, to William Rutty1727
EL/R1/70John Rutty to William Ruttynd
EL/M2/73Eustachio Manfredi, dated at Bologna, to William Rutty3 April 1728
EL/R2/33William Rutty to Mr Bale6 February 1730
EL/M2/76Eustachio Manfredi, dated at Bologna, to William Rutty30 April 1729
EL/S2/69J S, dated at Birmingham, to William Rutty 1729
EL/N2/8Frank Nicholls to William Ruttynd
EL/N2/13Edward Noarsh to William Rutty14 November 1728
EL/V/61Michael B Valentini, dated at Giessen, to William Rutty10 March 1728
EL/R2/19Conrad Sprengel, dated at Bloomsbury Square, to William Rutty15 March 1728
EL/R2/24William Rutty to Mr Wolf22 July 1729
EL/R2/25William Rutty, dated at London, to Abbe Molieres23 July 1729
EL/R2/27William Rutty, dated at London, to Cyrillus5 August 1729
EL/R2/23William Rutty, dated at London, to Monsieur de l'Isle18 April 1729
EL/R2/29William Rutty to Philip Zollman15 November 1729
EL/R2/35William Rutty to Mr Greenwood18 February 1730
EL/R2/37William Rutty to Thomas Dereham27 February 1730
EL/R2/1William Rutty to Mr Woolhouse22 February 1727
EL/R2/28William Rutty to Thomas Dereham7 August 1729
EL/S2/65William Stukeley, dated at Grantham, to William Rutty3 April 1729
EL/R2/2William Rutty to Dr Nettleton9 March 1727
EL/V/54Abraham Vater to William Rutty9 April 1728
EL/W3/120John Woolhouse, dated at Paris, to William Rutty22 March 1728
EL/R2/12William Rutty to Mr Walton17 December 1728
EL/L6/37Benjamin Langwith, dated at Petworth, to William Rutty 21 January 1727
EL/G2/8Isaac Greenwood, dated at Cambridge, New England, to William Rutty10 May 1729
EL/C2/86Translation of a letter from Louis Cope, dated at Berlin, to William Rutty1731
EL/W3/121John Woolhouse, dated at Paris, to William Rutty7 May 1729
EL/R2/7William Rutty, dated at London, to Thomas Dereham20 August 1728
EL/I2/14John Inglis, dated at the coffee house in Pall Mall, to William Rutty23 March 1730
EL/R2/32William Rutty to Dr Oliver24 January 1729
EL/R2/38William Rutty to Dr Huxham25 March 1730
EL/M2/74Eustachio Manfredi, dated at Bologna, to William Rutty16 October 1728
EL/W3/149Translation of a letter from Christian Wolff to William Rutty1731
EL/R2/21William Rutty, dated at London, to Mr Wolf25 March 1729
RBO/13/32'An account of an Aneurism [aneurysm] dissected by Mr Edward Nourse Surgeon with some Observations thereupon' by William Rutty1728
EL/R2/36William Rutty to Dr Langius23 February 1730
RBO/14/43'Giving a father account of the nature and Virtues of the holt Waters' in a letter to William Rutty from J Lewis 1728
EL/L6/43John Lewis, dated at Holt, to William Rutty 16 December 1728
RBO/14/57'The Description of a Time-Keeper' communicated in a letter to William Rutty by W Barlow1729
CLP/12ii/30Letter, 'An account of a praeternatural bony substance found in the cavity of the thorax' from Wm [William] Giffard to Dr [William] Rutty[1726]
RBO/14/3'An account of an Abcess in the right hypochondrium' in a letter from Edward Nourse, surgeon, to William Rutty1728
RBO/13/82'Reflections on M de l'Isles comparison of Paris with London' in a letter from Peter Davall of the Middle Temple to William Rutty1728
RBO/11/86Summary by William Rutty of the treatise 'Idee generale de L'Economie animale et Observations sur la petite Veroles' by Helvetius, Physician in ordinary to the King of France 1723
RBO/13/59'Extract of two uncommon Cases of Tumors of the Abdomen' by William Rutty1728
RBO/13/67'Method of making Tin Plates extracted from the Memoires of the Academy of Sciences for the Year 1725 by William Rutty'1728
RBO/13/54'An abstract of several Letters from different Parts of Europe relating to the Aurora Borealis seen on 19 October 1726 by William Rutty'1728
RBO/14/63'Concerning the Time keeper and an extraordinary case of worms from an abcess in the Groin' by William Rutty from W Barlow1729
RBO/14/47'Observations in order to determine the Difference of the Meridians of London and Petersburgh [Petersburg]' communicated by the Reverend J Bradley to William Rutty1729
RBO/14/17Account of an uncommon tumour in a letter from Dr Beard of Worcester to William Rutty1728
RBO/14/106'An account of a Treatise intitled: Jo Frider Weidleri Observationes meteorologicae et Astronomicae Annorum 1728 et 1729' by William Rutty1729
RBO/14/53'A Disquisition concerning the Place of Battle between the Danes and our Saxon Ancestors in Kesteven, Lincolnshire AD 870' communicated in a letter to William Rutty from William Stukeley1729
EL/B2/88Bernard Forest de Belidor, dated at La Fere, to William Rutty13 January 1731
RBO/14/79'An account of several Rocks of Ice of an uncommon bigness found in the Ocean extracted from Frezier's Journal of his Chili voyage' by William Rutty1729
RBO/13/79Observations of the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites in a letter from Eustachio Manfredi to William Rutty1728
RBO/14/45'Giving some Account of a french Paper relating to the Application of the Doctrine of Proportions to negative Quantities etc' in a letter from the Reverend Desaguliers to William Rutty1728
RBO/14/73Observations of a stomach tumour in a hen by Abraham Vater in a letter to William Rutty1729
CLP/12ii/46Extract, 'Extract of two uncommon cases of tumours of the abdomen, from a Latin tract publish'd at Strasburgh [Strasbourg] anno 1728 and entitul'd Joannis Boecleri M D etc ad exteros medicos epistola' by W [William] Rutty[1728]
RBO/15/83A Neapolitan meteorological diary with an account of the late fiery eruption of Mount Vesusius by Nicolaus Cyrillus to William Rutty1731
RBO/14/90'Some thoughts towards improving the 'Materia Medica' communicated in a letter to William Rutty from Dr John Rutty, Dublin1729
CLP/14ii/23The case of Robert Bryant of Bolesdale, Suffolk, by Reverend Stebbing to William Rutty12 March 1727
RBO/14/62'An account of Inoculation for the Small Pox communicated in a Letter to Dr Rutty by Tim Forster Surgeon'1729
EL/D2/40Thomas Dereham to William Rutty22 April 1730
RBO/14/76'An account of an uncommon Mola' communicated in a letter to William Rutty by W Oliver1729
EL/R2/9William Rutty to Eustachio Manfredi18 November 1728
LBO/18/205Copy letter from P Hardisway to William Rutty24 December 1727
EL/M2/70John Martyn, reader of botany at Cambridge, to William Rutty20 February 1723
CLP/6/72Extract, 'An account of several rocks of ice of an uncommon bigness found in the ocean, extracted from Freziers Journal of his Chili voyage' by W R [William Rutty][1727]
CLP/15ii/15Concerning the rupture of the stomach or a large receptacle grown from the bottom of a hen's stomach by Abraham Vater to William Ruttynd
CLP/12ii/1Paper, 'An account of a præternaturall tumour on the loins of an infant attended with a cloven spine' by W [William] Rutty[1720]
CLP/22ii/38Paper, 'Account of a letter from John Rutty of Dublin to William Rutty, dated 20 June 1729'[1729]
CLP/23i/44Letter, from William Rutty to James Jurin8 January 1724
CLP/3ii/29Paper, 'The method of making tin plates extracted from memoires of the Academy of Sciences for 1725' by William Rutty1728
CLP/22ii/6Paper, Account of Dr [Jean Claude Adrien] Helvetius' book 'Idee Generale de l'Oeconomie animale et observations sur la petite verole [General idea of animal economics and observations on smallpox]' by William Rutty[1723]
CLP/4i/83Paper, 'Abstract of several letters from different parts of Europe relating to the aurora borealis of October 18 1727' by William Rutty1728
CLP/4i/84Paper, 'Attempt to solve the phenomenon of the rise of vapours, formation of clouds and descent of rain in a letter to William Rutty from J Desaguliers'1728
CLP/6/71Paper, 'Account of the specifick gravities of three several peices of tin ore by Francis Hauksbee'1728
RBO/14/96'An account of a Letter from Dr John Rutty of Dublin to Dr W Rutty' by Mr John Martyn1729
EL/D1/68William Derham, dated at Windsor Castle, to William Rutty25 November 1728
EL/R2/4William Rutty, dated at London, to John Baptiste Morgagni1728
EL/R2/26William Rutty, dated at London, to Johann Alruz1729
EL/V/62Michael B Valentini, dated at Giessen, to William Rutty20 September 1728
EL/H3/123P Hardisway to William Rutty24 December 1727
RBO/16/64'An Account of an uncommon Death' in a letter from Christopher Wolff to the late William Rutty1731
EL/R2/3William Rutty, dated at London, to Signor Valentini10 August 1728
EL/M2/84J de Molieres, dated at Paris, to William Rutty1729
EL/R2/34William Rutty to Philip Zollman27 January 1730
RBO/14/89'A brief Account of some of the Effects and Properties of Damps in a Letter to William Rutty' by Isaac Greenwood, Professor of Mathematicks at Cambridge New England'1729
EL/W4/6Christian Wolff to William Rutty3 March 1731
EL/C2/70Translation of part of a letter from Nicolaus Cyrillus of Naples to William Rutty1731
RBO/11/13'An account of a praeternatural Tumour on the Loins of an Infant attended with a cloven Spine' by William Rutty8 December 1720
RBO/13/29'The case of Robert Bryant of Bolesdale in the county of Suffolk' by H Stebbing, rector of Garboldsham, in a letter to William Rutty1728
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