Authorised form of nameHalley; Edmond (1656 - 1742); astronomer
Other forms of nameEdmund
Dates1656 - 1742
Place of birthHaggerston, St Leonard's parish, Shoreditch, London, England, Europe
Date of birth8 November 1656
Place of deathGreenwich, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Date of death14 January 1742
Dates and placesBurial:
Lee churchyard, near Greenwich, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe (20 January 1742)
Research fieldAstronomy
St Paul's School, London; Queen's College, Oxford (MA by royal mandate 1678; DCL 1710)
Sailed for St Helena to study the stars of the southern hemisphere (1676-1678); sent to Danzig by the Royal Society where he studied the observations of Johannes Hevelius (FRS 1664) (1679); travelled in France and Italy with Robert Nelson (FRS 1680) (1680-1681); encouraged and assisted Isaac Newton (FRS 1672) in writing his 'Principia Mathematica' and paid for its printing (1687); was refused the Savilian chair of Astronomy, partly through the enmity of John Flamsteed (FRS 1677) (1691); Comptroller of the Mint at Chester (1696-1698); obtained command of the war sloop 'Paramour Pink' in order to study the variation of the compass (1698-1700); surveyed the tides and coasts of the British Isles (1701-1702); inspected the harbours of the Adriatic at the request of the Emperor Leopold and helped the imperial engineers in the fortification of the harbour at Trieste; Savilian Professor of Geometry (1703-1742); leading member of the committee to prepare Flamsteed's observations for the press; Hydrographer to Queen Anne; Astronomer Royal (1720); quarrelled with Newton over the non-publication of his observations (1727)
Foreign Member, Academie Royale des Sciences (1729)
Membership categoryFellow
Date of election30/11/1678
Age at election22
ProposerSir Jonas Moore
Royal Society activityRoyal Society roles:
Secretary 1713-1721; Vice-President 1729- , 1741-; Council 1683-1684; Clerk 1686-1699 ; Editor of the 'Philosophical Transactions': 1686-1693; 1714-1720
Other Royal Society activityResigned his Fellowship for the period he was a Clerk to the Royal Society (1685-1698)
RelationshipsParents: Edmond Halley and Anne Halley
Married: Mary Tooke
Published worksRCN: 25230
RCN: R69331
RCN: R65028
RCN: R69339
RCN: 49113
RCN: 42833
RCN: 42830
RCN: 42829
General contextThrough influential connections at court, Halley could secure free passage on one of the East India Company's ships to St Helena to make observations of the stars in the Southern Hemisphere. Here, he was the first to record a complete transit of Mercury. Halley is closely connected to Sir Isaac Newton (FRS 1672), especially his research in mathematics, and he was instrumental in publishing Newton's 'Principia'. Halley wrote much on astronomy and magnetism throughout his life and through his role as naval captain, he contributed to sea charts and meteorological observations. His 'Greenwich Observations' reportedly did not meet the standards set by his predecessor John Flamsteed (FRS 1677), with whom he also continuously quarrelled throughout his life.
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DSB gives birth and death dates as ? 29 October 1656 and 14 January 1743., Old Style.
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Royal Society codeNA8423
Archives associated with this Fellow
Reference numberTitleDate
IM/001863Halley, Edmondnd
M/093Halley, Edmond1744
CLP/21/24Paper, 'An algebraic problem in Latin' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/21/9Paper, Criticism of an 'unhappy geometrician' by Edmond Halley9 June 1686
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EL/I1/136Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
RBO/7/128Theory of finding longitude at sea by Edmond Halleynd
MM/5/41Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Isaac Newton13 February 1697
RBO/7/129'Concerning an Instrument to be had at all places and times for exact observation' by Edmond Halleynd
RBO/17/73Edmond Halley's 'account of the progress he made in observing the Moon's Motion whereby he proposes to be able to find the Longitude at Sea within a Degree or 20 Leagues'1731
EL/I1/147Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/135Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1690
EL/I1/102Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/113Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
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RBO/7/127'A discourse of an Engine to raise Earth up with two men' by Edmond Halleynd
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EL/I1/108Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
RBO/7/65'A Letter from Mr Halley of June 7 1697 concerning the Torricellian Experiment tryed on the Top of Snowdon Hill and the Success of it'nd
EL/H3/51Letter from Edmond Halley25 November 1696
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MM/5/44Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Thomas Molyneux21 July 1697
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IM/001866Halley, Edmond2001
MM/5/46Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Thomas Molyneux25 August 1697
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RBO/7/30'An account of the circulation of the Watery vapours of the Sea and the Cause of Springs' by Edmond Halley25 April 1688
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EL/I1/120Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
CLP/8ii/6/1Manuscript, 'Construction of the famous annular eclipse of the sun at London March 21 1664' by Joseph Smith to Edmond Halley28 March 1728
EL/H3/62Robert Hooke to Edmond Halley1 March 1681
RBO/7/126'Concerning the Motion of light' by Edmond Halleynd
MM/5/43Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Isaac Newton30 December 1697
RBO/7/36Copy of a letter from John Wallis to Edmond Halley dated 26 April 1687 at Oxford1687
RBO/7/116'Some Observations on the Motion of the Sun' by Edmond Halleynd
RBO/8/19'Concerning Evacuating Water by pressure' by Edmond Halleynd
CLP/21/41Paper, 'Protecting the drum of the ear under water' by Edmond Halley1721
RBO/8/32'Concerning the Refractions of Liquors' by Edmond Halleynd
RBO/9/21'An Estimate of the quantity of vapours raised out of the Sea by the warmth of the sun derived from an Experiment shown before the Royal Society' by Edmond Halleynd
RBO/9/19'An Experiment of the force of the Magnetic Needle, and its Variation' by Edmond Halleynd
RBO/7/20'Mr Edmond Halley's Paper considering the first position of the Poles of the Earth'1 February 1688
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RBO/11/28'Of the Infinity of the System of the World' by Edmond Halleynd
MM/5/40Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester Mint, to Isaac Newton28 November 1696
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CLP/21/35Paper, 'Of water pressure of a body in a stream' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
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CLP/21/30Paper, 'Discussing Pliny's natural history' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
RBO/13/71Observations of the motion of fixed stars from a letter from the Reverend Mr James Bradley Savllian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford to Edmond Halley1728
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P/0060Portrait of Halley, Edmond1736
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RBO/9/16'A Discourse concerning a method to keep great ships out at Sea in winter time without damage' by Edmond Halleynd
EL/W4/18Thomas Wright to Edmond Halley28 October 1736
CLP/21/10Paper, Account of two of Robert Boyle's books on nature by Edmund Halley1686
CLP/21/31Paper, 'Concerning sound under water and an instrument to enable there to be light under water' by Edmond Halley1691
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CLP/21/18Paper, 'A thermometer in which the degree of heat may be measured by the amount of vapour given by a liquid' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
MM/17/76Letter from Eugene F Macpike to Robert Harrison, Assistant Secretary, Royal Society25 October 1897
RBO/8/33'A discourse tending to Explicate the Modus of the using of Vapours out of water' by Edmond Halley1698
RBO/9/18'A Paper concerning Trying the force of the magnet at Several distances' by Edmond Halleynd
CLP/21Classified papers: volume 21, Edmond Halley's papers1666-1720
MM/20/33Letter from Johann Friedrich Weidler to Cromwell Mortimer, Secretary, Royal Society2 February 1738
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CLP/21/36Paper, 'Of the rate of water flow in open vessels' by Edmond Halley1692
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CLP/21/4Paper, 'Experiment to show the comparative weight of mercury to water' by Edmond Halley1686
CLP/21/19Paper, 'Of the position of the poles of the Earth' by Edmond Halley1687
CLP/21/43Paper, 'A paper of the cycloid' by Edmond Halley1695
IM/001865Halley, Edmond2001
CLP/21/1Paper, 'The occultation of Mars by the Moon observed at Oxford on 21 August 1676' by Edmond Halley21 August 1676
CLP/21/20Paper, 'Expansion of mercury and of water by heat' by Edmond Halley1687
MM/5/42Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Isaac Newton2 August 1697
CLP/21/22Paper, 'Discourse concerning thermometers and the rarefaction of liquids' by Edmond Halley1688
IM/005899Halley, Edmondnd
RBO/18/1'An account of a Comet in a Letter to Doctor Halley from Mr John Dove on board the Monmouth in Table Bay 1732
MM/5/45Letter from Edmond Halley, Chester, to Thomas Molyneux31 July 1697
IM/001861Halley, Edmondnd
IM/004321Halley, EdmondSeptember 2004
CLP/1/20/3Diagram, on gunnery by [Edmond Halley?][1685]
EL/I1/126Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
CLP/21/53Paper, 'A report on [Zuane] Alberghetti's tables on gunnery' by Edmond Halley30 March 1701
CLP/1/21/2Diagram, the Florentine problem by David Gregory in his letter to Edmond Halley1693
CLP/6/47Paper, regarding experiments with barometers and observations of the weather in 1686 by [John] Caswell[1686]
CLP/8i/65Paper, observations of Jupiter's satellites communicated by James Pound to Edmond Halley9 July 1714
EL/A/47Letter, 'Of the lampyris or Cicindela volans' by Benjamin Allen to Mr Smith, a bookseller at The Prince's Arms in St Pauls Churchyard, for Edmond Halley3 July 1665
CLP/21/13Paper, 'Of [Isaac] Newton's Principia' by Edmond Halley1687
CLP/21/11Paper, 'Details of a book on a voyage to Siam [Thailand] by [Chevalier de] Chaumont' by Edmond Halley1686
CLP/21/38Paper, 'Description of the diving bell' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/21/32Paper, 'How to measure the way of the ship through the water' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/21/52Paper, 'Signor [Zuane] Alberghetti's tables for shooting bombs from a long gun' by Edmond Halleynd
CLP/21/49Paper, 'A Discourse concerning a method to keep great ships out at Sea in winter time without damage' by Edmond Halley[1692]
CLP/21/3Paper, 'The transit of Mercury observed at St Helena in 1677' by Edmond Halley28 October 1677
CLP/21/37Paper, 'Of magnetic variations' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/1/20/5Diagram, on gunnery by [Edmond Halley?][1685]
CLP/1/20/6Diagram, on gunnery by [Edmond Halley?][1685]
CLP/21/7Paper, 'An historical account of trade winds and monsoons observable in the seas between and near the Tropicks ...' by Edmond Halley1686
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CLP/21/48Paper, 'A prism to transmit only the red light' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
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CLP/21/40Paper, 'Of working in the diving bell' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/10i/24Paper, account of Halley's catalogue of plants found in North Wales by Dr [Tancred?] Robinson[1685]
CLP/1/20/4Diagram, on gunnery by [Edmond Halley?][1685]
CLP/1/20/2Diagram, on gunnery by Edmond Halley[1685]
CLP/21/21Paper, 'Observation of an eclipse of the moon on 25 April 1688 at Moscow in Russia' by Edmond Halley1688
CLP/21/28Paper, 'To walk under water' by Edmond Halley1689
CLP/21/33Paper, 'Of the velocity and force of moving bodies in air and water' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/21/34Paper, 'Of the height of fountains' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/21/29Paper, 'A proposition of Generall Use in the art of Gunnery showing the Rule of Laying a Mortar to pass in order to strike any Object above or below the Horizon' by Edmond Halley[1695]
CLP/21/25Paper, 'Account of the measure of the thickness of gold upon gilt wire' by Edmond Halley1689
CLP/21/50Paper, 'An Estimate of the quantity of vapours raised out of the Sea by the warmth of the sun derived from an Experiment shown before the Royal Society' by Edmond Halley[1687]
CLP/21/23Paper, 'Concerning the contraction of the thermometer showing the degrees of heat and cold by the dilation and contraction of the air' by Edmond Halley1688
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CLP/21/5Paper, 'A discourse concerning gravity and its properties ...' by Edmond Halley[1687]
CLP/21/46Paper, 'Of the geography of the ancients and the moderns' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/1/2/2Table, puzzle of a 'mystical square' from unknown author to Edmund Halley[c17th Century]
EL/W3/129William Whiston, dated at Lyndon near Uppingham, Rutland, to Edmond Halley14 October 1720
MM/20/32Letter from Johann Friedrich Weidler to Cromwell Mortimer, Secretary, Royal Society1 January 1737
IM/001864Halley, Edmondnd
EL/I1/98Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/H3/46Letter from Edmond Halleynd
EL/I1/119Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/127Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/146Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
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RBO/7/19'A Theory of the tides at the Barr of Tunking' by Edmond Halleynd
CLP/21/27Paper, 'Account of the circulation of watery vapour of the sea by the sun and of the cause of springs' by Edmond Halley1689
MM/17/75Letter from Eugene F Macpike to Robert Harrison, Assistant Secretary, Royal Society9 September 1897
RBO/9/20'A Discourse concerning an Hypothesis of the manner of the General Deluge' by Edmond Halleynd
CLP/21/14Paper, 'A discourse tending to explicate the modus of the using of vapours out of water' by Edmond Halley1686
CLP/21/15Paper, 'A theory of the tides at the Barr of Tunking' by Edmond Halley1687
CLP/6/41Paper, regarding measuring cisterns in London by Robert Hooke and Edmond Halley[17th Century]
IM/001862Halley, Edmondnd
CLP/21/39Paper, 'Of conveying air out of the diving bell' by Edmond Halley1692
CLP/8i/69Paper, observations of the solar eclipse on 27 November 1722 by Edmond Halley1722
CLP/21/54Paper, 'Of the infinity of the world; and of the number, order, and light of the fixed stars' by Edmond Halley1720
EL/L6/59James Logan, dated at Pennsylvania, to Edmond Halley25 May 1732
EL/I1/132Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
IM/000503Quartet engravingnd
CLP/1/21Paper, 'Solutio problematis florentum' [Of the solution to the Florentine problem] by David Gregory in his letter to Edmond Halley1693
P/0059Portrait of Halley, Edmond
MS/69Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica1685
CLP/7i/38Paper, 'A short relation out of the journall of Captain Abel Jansen [Janszoon] Tasman, upon the discovery of the south terra incognita' by Edmond Halley[1679-1682]
EL/W2/56John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley26 November 1693
MC/1/313Letter from Thomas Coates, [Secretary of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge], 59 Lincoln's Inn Fields, to Dr. [Peter Mark] Roget, [Secretary of the Royal Society] 16 June 1831
CLP/9ii/25Paper, 'Observations of lattitudes and variation taken on board the Hartford in her passage from Java Head to St Hellena' by unknown author[1732]
CLP/21/45Paper, 'Of the Breslau Bills of mortality' by Edmond Halley[1693]
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MC/1Volume 1 of miscellaneous correspondence regarding business matters, sent to the Royal Society1800-1831
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EL/M1/95William Molyneux, dated at Dublin, to Edmond Halley15 May 1686
EL/H2/52Johannes Hevelius, dated at Danzig (Gdansk), to Edmond Halley1681
EL/I1/118Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/141Henry Justel to Edmond Halleynd
EL/H3/40Edmond Halley, dated at Saumeur, to Robert Hooke29 May 1681
EL/B2/33Extract of a letter from C Boucher, dated in Jamaica, to Edmond Halley1676
EL/I1/133Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
CLP/1/2Paper, 'The mystical square of 6' from [Mr St Clare?] to Edmund Halley[17th century]
CLP/1/20/1Manuscripts, regarding a rule of gunnery by [Edmond Halley and George Tollet?][1685]
CLP/1/20Papers, regarding a rule of gunnery by [Edmond Halley?][1685]
CLP/1/21/1Manuscript, 'Solutio problematis florentum' [Of the solution to the Florentine problem] by David Gregory in his letter to Edmond Halley1693
EL/I1/94Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1685
EL/D2/59John Dove to Edmond Halley17 March 1731
EL/I1/122Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/M1/98William Molyneux, dated at Dublin, to Edmond Halley8 October 1690
EL/G1/45David Gregory, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley11 January 1693
EL/A/39Letter, from St George Ashe to Edmond Halley, dated at Trinity College Dublin15 July 1687
EL/H2/53Johannes Hevelius, dated at Danzig (Gdansk), to Edmond Halley9 January 1682
EL/H3/49Edmond Halley, dated at Chester mint, to Hans Sloane26 October 1696
EL/H3/50Edmond Halley, dated at Chester Mint, to Hans Sloane2 November 1696
EL/A/40Letter, from St George Ashe to Edmond Halley, dated at Vienna27 July 1690
EL/H3/41Edmond Halley to William Molyneux27 March 1686
EL/W2/57John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley3 December 1695
EL/I1/106Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/101Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/110Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/I1/130Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/H3/44Edmond Halley to Isaac Newton22 May
EL/L6/13Colin McLaurin, dated at College of New Aberdeen, to Edmond Halley9 December 1720
EL/R1/48N Rooke to Edmond Halley7 January 1694
EL/N1/57Isaac Newton to Edmund Halley27 July 1686
EL/I1/107Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1687
EL/C2/50Bartholomew Candler, dated at Launceston off Crooked Island, to Edmond Halley16 August 1722
CLP/21/17Paper, 'De constructione problematum solidorum sine aequationum [Concerning the construction of solid problems without equations]' by Edmond Halley1687
EL/N1/60Isaac Newton, dated at Cambridge, to Edmund Halley1 March 1687
EL/N1/55Isaac Newton, dated at Cambridge, to Edmund Halley20 June 1686
EL/A/41Letter, from St George Ashe to Edmond Halley, dated at Vienna19 July 1691
EL/B3/13James Bradley to Edmond Halley1728
EL/H3/48Edmond Halley, dated at Chester Castle, to Hans Sloane12 October 1696
EL/H3/43Edmond Halley, dated at London, to William Molyneux27 May 1686
EL/W2/67John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley23 May 1702
EL/H3/96Thomas Hill to Edmond Halley16 October 1720
EL/I1/103Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/I1/125Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/N1/58Isaac Newton, dated at Trinity College Cambridge, to Edmund Halley18 October 1686
EL/I1/129Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1688
EL/I1/99Henry Justel to Edmond Halley1686
EL/E/7George Christopher Eimmart, dated at Nuremburg, to Edmond Halley14 April 1687
EL/P1/112Reverend James Pound, dated at Wanstead, to Edmond Halley9 July 1714
EL/H3/38Edmond Halley, dated at Oxford, to Henry Oldenburg8 July 1676
EL/W2/43John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley14 December 1686
EL/M1/94William Molyneux, dated at Dublin, to Edmond Halley8 April 1686
EL/M1/96William Molyneux, dated at Dublin, to Edmond Halley19 June 1686
EL/W2/55John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley11 November 1695
CLP/21/55Papers, Odd leaves of manuscript labelled 'imperfect' by Edmond Halleyc.17th century
CLP/24/88/28Drawing, 'Observations of the comet by Mr Flamsteed' by John Flamsteed4 September 1682
EL/H3/39Edmond Halley, dated at Queen's College Oxford, to Henry Oldenburg8 May 1676
EL/W2/42John Wallis, dated at Oxford, to Edmond Halley25 November 1686
EL/N1/59Isaac Newton, dated at Trinity College Cambridge, to Edmund Halley13 February 1686
EL/A/45Letter, from John Aubrey to Edmond Halley, dated at London31 August 1695
EL/H3/52Edmond Halley, dated at Chester, to Hans Sloane25 October 1697
RBO/13/80'The construction of the famous annular Eclipse of the Sun at London March 21 1764 from Astro. Car. Ed. 3 in a letter from Mr Joseph Smith to Edmond Halley'1728
RBO/7/38Copy of a letter from John Philip Wurzelbaur to Edmond Halley dated 16 September 1687 at Nuremburg1687
RBO/11/7'Observations on the Eclipse of the Moon June 18 1722 and the longitude of Port Royal in Jamaica determined thereby' by Edmond Halley1722
RBO/9/19bA general proposition for determining the area of a cycloid and epicycloid by quadrature by Edmund Halleynd
RBO/9/76aAn Account of some Appearances in the Heavens by Mr Edumnd Halley1708
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